SZA Reveals Her Sophomore Album Will Be Dropping “Soon as F***”

SZA Reveals Her Sophomore Album Will Be Dropping “Soon as F***”

Photo Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer | Getty Images

Everyone’s favorite “Normal Girl” from the suburbs has shared that her sophomore album could be here any day now.

In an interview with Kerwin Frost, SZA shared that she had been in the studio with Justin Timberlake the day before and fans are speculating that we may be hearing that collaboration on her upcoming project.

“We made a really cool song and I couldn’t believe it,” the CTRL said. After being asked how the studio session came into fruition, she continued with “…he was like, ‘I wanna work with you’ and I was like, ‘Why?’ And he was like, ‘Shut up, let’s just make stuff.’

In a discussion surrounding the significance of people you were meant to meet, SZA discloses how she felt that she and Timberlake were on the same frequency. “When I heard his music and we started singing together and the harmonies and the note choices that we were finding together, it’s like, ‘Oh, we speak the same language.'”

Other names expected to graze the track list of the album include Post Malone and BROCKHAMPTON.

The “Weekend” singer revealed that she plans on dropping the album, rumored to be entitled “A” at the beginning of the summer, “soon as f***.”

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