Rapsody Wants To Redefine “Sexy” And Admires Aaliyah’s Tomboy Appearance

Rapsody Wants To Redefine “Sexy” And Admires Aaliyah’s Tomboy Appearance

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Rapsody has been teasing her next album, ‘Eve‘ for a while now, calling it a project that will focus on uplifting and empowering women. While it’s scheduled to release this Friday, the project will highlight 15 strong black women who have influenced Rapsody in some way or another.

Rapsody admits that it was very difficult to narrow it down to only 15 but knew she had to. In a recent interview with HHDX, she spoke about one of the tracks “AALIYAH” whom she mentions was one of her biggest inspirations growing up.

“For me, especially in a time when we see music before we hear it, a lot of people judge our image and our appearance. I want to redefine what sexy is.  People think because I’m a tomboy and I’m fully clothes, that that’s not sexy,” Rapsody said. “ I grew up in a time where Aaliyah was the biggest think out and one of the sexiest things out. She wore baggy jeans. She wore big, oversized jackets. She was the tomboy femininity. So, I wanted to just talk about, you know, ‘don’t forget this image that you see, don’t think that’s the only image.”

She added, “There’s nothing wrong with showing your body, but there’s nothing wrong with being a tomboy either. There’s sexiness in that, too. To me, the best and most creative way that I could do it was to do it through Aaliyah.”

That’s right, be your OWN definition of sexy! YOU GO, GIRL!

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