Marlon Wayans Talks Growing Up With Comedy Legends, New Netflix ‘Sextuplets’ Film + More

Marlon Wayans Talks Growing Up With Comedy Legends, New Netflix ‘Sextuplets’ Film + More

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Actor, screenwriter, film producer, and comedian OG, Marlon Wayans stopped by Nick Cannon Mornings to about his new movie Sextuplets, names his top 10 comics of all time, his stand up career & more!

While he has been in the business for more than three decades, he still feels as though he has so much more to learn. Even after all of the movies, shows, and incredible entertainment career, the comedian still feels as though he hasn’t reached his full potential.

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years…I’m not THERE yet. Wherever ‘there’ is, I’m in the beginning phases of where THERE is. I’ve been doing this 30 years; 30 years of learning. And, now I feel, n***a, now it’s Keanu in ‘The Matrix’”

He goes on to talk about how impacting it was to be raised with a comedic legend, his older brother, Damon Wayans. He talks about his brother’s strategy when doing stand-up, is to lose his audience to make sure he only captures the attention of those really interested.

Damon takes you on a journey thinking, “I’mma lose you, and the people that ain’t real, y’all get the f*ck out.” He admires this type of strategy and states how those that do judge him, miss out on an incredible show.

Because he is a student of comedy, some of the comedians in his Top 10 include: Dave Chapelle, George Carlin, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal and more.

Having grown up with a talented family and being inspired by his familial legends, while also creating his own lane, Marlon continues to perfrect his craft with projects like his upcoming Netlfix film Sextuplets.

Catch the FULL Close Conversations interview with Marlon Wayans below:


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