Ice Cube On His Top Five, Not Getting The Recognition He Deserves + The Effects of Social Media

Ice Cube On His Top Five, Not Getting The Recognition He Deserves + The Effects of Social Media

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The legendary, West Coast icon of hip hop Ice Cube stepped into the Power 106 studios for a Close Conversations talk with Nick Cannon where he chops it up about his ling resume including Big 3 plans, upcoming films, drops his Top Five rappers list, speaks about not getting the recognition he deserves and details the effects of social media.

Being a permanent fixture in rap music and establishing the Gangster Rap genre with his N.W.A. beginnings, Cube talked with #NickCannonMornings on what is important to him in this time during his career and what matters to him. Speaking on not being fazed by the rankings and most ice-out hip-hop rappers, Cube says, “To me, that shouldn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter to nobody but me, you know? To be honest, it ain’t all about what I got, it’s all about what I can give you. It’s all about what I can produce that you can be a part of.”

Cube has consistently spoke and for the community and has been an activist within his music and major projects. Speaking on being able to have a voice in times of controversy, Cube tells Cannon, “I just dropped a record last year, called Everything’s Corrupt, and it’s peaking on about what I feel what’s going on. You know, it’s on some ways a part of the plan. A lot of people gotta wake up, and come up out this “matrix” and see what’s really going on. You know, they boxing us in on every level.”

All that stuff is escapism rap and it’s easier to accept because when you’re listening to somebody who’s really telling you the real, it’s hard. You know, them records aren’t easy to listen to sometimes. Especially when you know that they’re talking directly to you. And, some people when they go kick it and go get entertained they don’t want to hear all of that. They want to just party. That’s what we’ve been fighting against is that good feeling and just partying, caring, you know, not really worried about tomorrow-type music, Over the ones that make you think. The ones that make you focus. The ones that make you change your behavior. The ones that’s trying to help you get out the situation that you in

Ice Cube goes on to drop his top five lists of rappers, speaks on how social media has impacted society today and what we can expect from the final Friday installment.

Peep the full Close Conversations with Ice Cube and Nick Cannon below!

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