Phora on Being Independent, “Blame on Me”, Prepping for Tour & More

Phora on Being Independent, “Blame on Me”, Prepping for Tour & More

Photo Credit: Power 106

Phora checks in with Nick Cannon at Power 106 to talk about going back to being independent, the “Blame on Me” music video, preparing for his upcoming tour and more.

Nick asks for those who don’t know, where Phora came from and how he deals with the fame and success he’s experiencing. “Luckily for me it’s been like a slow trajectory, you feel me? So it’s been like a slow growth over the years and everything thats happened,” the Anaheim California native explains. “It hasn’t been like a crazy spike, so I’m able to maintain it. You know what I mean? So I’m able to like deal with it, keep my head straight, like nothing crazy has really happened because over the last like 6-7 years it’s been like growing smoothly.”

“To The Moon” is his track that has gained him most of his main stream notoriety, to which Nick adds that was when he first really heard the rappers music. As far as what’s next, “The new record is just me being me,” Phora says. “I was signed to a label for like two years and after that didn’t work out, I recently became independent like 3-4 months ago and I was like, ‘Lets Go!” Phora’s new album, Bury Me With Dead Roses is out now!

Watch the full interview below:

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