“Hot Girl Summer”—The New Megan & Nicki Track Is Already Breaking Records

“Hot Girl Summer”—The New Megan & Nicki Track Is Already Breaking Records

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The hot girls are up 10,000 points for this one y’all! PERIOD!

Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj’s new song “Hot Girl Summer” featuring Ty Dolla $ign, just hit No. 1 on the iTunes charts; and it just dropped last night! This song all came together just shy of two weeks ago when Megan hopped on Nicki’s live with her. The girls got to chatting and one thing led to another and here we are! Ta daaa, the new summer anthem was born.

“Hot Girl Summer” was actually scheduled to drop earlier, it’s likely Meg’s part was already recorded and they halted the release to add Nicki’s verse. The song hasn’t even been out 24 hours, and according to Music New Facts (@musicnewsfact) on Twitter, the track is now the first female rap collab in history to hit #1 on iTunes USA. ISSA HOT GIRL SUMMER AND YOU KNOW THEY GOT IT LIT!!! Yes queens!

Nicki also took to social media saying, “Yikes. Herstory in the making. should I run up on meg today & go live y’all? Or nah? Y’all deserve it for showing me how to go live with her that night. y’all was mad aggy that night, cussing me out & s*** but I listened to y’all & look what happened. to god be the glory. love you.”

This female rap love is literally all we’ve ever wanted in LIFEEE. *Ahem, hey Nicki, hey Meg. Can we get a WHOLE ALBUM please?!* If you haven’t already, listen to “Hot Girl Summer” below—oh and hold onto your wigs!

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