Afro B Explains Who “Joanna” Is + Says He Has Collabs w/ Ashanti & Akon OTW

Afro B Explains Who “Joanna” Is + Says He Has Collabs w/ Ashanti & Akon OTW

Photo credit: Power 106

Afro B stopped by Power 106 on the “Nick Cannon Mornings” show, and no borders are stopping his glow up. His rise came with the success of the hit song “Joanna.” Which several artists like French Montana and WizKid have hopped on.

Nick asks him about the meaning of “Drogba” on the title of the song and finds out,

“Drogba is a soccer player from my country which is Ivory Coast . . . I kinda used like a metaphor simile saying why you playing me, I can play soccer. So why Joanna playing me like he plays soccer.”

Afro B opens up more and lets Nick know that Joanna is made up! Even though in other interviews he says she’s, “an ex that broke my heart and now I’m shining.”  

His rise to success was not overnight as he explains how he got started in music. “I started off playing keys in church . . . so I grew up listening to everything from 50 to Amy Winehouse to T-pain, Akon and then I started DJing 10 years ago. I was in high school and Uni throwing events for under 18 [year-olds] cause we were too young to get in the clubs. Then 5 years ago I made the transition to be an artist.”

Nick talks about the new wave of African inspired music hitting the scene and Afro B is riding that wave to different genres in music. “I got a Latin remix on the way with an artist called Ozuna.” And continues to say he wants to tap into the Latino scene. This duo will most likely be a hitter.

Ending with the regular firing squad questions. Nick asked what the worst piece of advice Afro B received. He said it was someone who told him “don’t try to do this.” Now look at him, Afro B is releasing a new single next month and an album in September.

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