Freddie Gibbs on ‘BANDANA’, Declares Pusha T & Himself as Best Rappers Alive + Talks A$AP Rocky Arrest

Freddie Gibbs on ‘BANDANA’, Declares Pusha T & Himself as Best Rappers Alive + Talks A$AP Rocky Arrest

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Freddie Gibbs set the Power 106 studios on complete fire when he came through with his L.A. Leakers Freestyle #087, and still with his son cradled in his arms, Gibbs took a moment to talk with Justin Credible about his current ‘Bandana’ album, declaring himself and Pusha T the best rappers alive and gives his perspective into the A$AP Rocky Sweden arrest.

Released earlier this summer, Bandana is the second collaborative studio album by the Indiana rapper and record producer Madlib. Having created a lasting chemistry already with their body of work, Gibbs confesses that there will be another joint Madlib project coming down the pipeline but he also reveals that how most of this album’s collabs and features came together. Speaking on guest appearances with Justin Credible Gibbs says, “It was all organic. That’s really how I like to rock it. I don’t really like when it’s too much business involved in doing a feature, I don’t even want to do it. If I can’t like call you and we get in the lab, I don’t want to do it. It’s just too much because I feel like it’s taking away from the music.” Freddie goes on to continue, “So I would just much rather just work with people that I’m cool with and got a mutual respect for, you know what I mean? Because if the respect ain’t there I don’t think the song will be good.”

There is no doubt that Gibbs is in some good company in the rap game, having a career spanning more than 15 years and gaining the respect of some of hip hop’s most respect names, the “Situations” rapper proudly deemed himself as one of the best rappers alive, next to G.O.O.D. music rapper Pusha T. While Gibbs struggles to give an exact Top Five list of the greatest rappers alive, he unquestionably puts himself and Pusha T at the top of the conversation.

Pusha, he’s definitely an inspiration to me. I saw what he did last year with his album and the run that he went on. I think Complex named him the best rapper alive and all of that. And, I was like, damn man that was really inspirational. So, definitely gave me some gas to push forward to this.

Gibbs also offers his perspective on the situation surrounding A$AP Rocky and his current stint in Sweden jail. As Rocky is currently awaiting a sentence hearing, having already being formally charged for assault, Freddie says that being in foreign countries, you always have to keep your best interest at hand.

You gotta keep your nose clean, bro. I pretty much been doing that and did that, my whole career over there. I’ve never really gotten in any trouble at all because I know I’m miles away from home and I don’t want to go to jail over there. You know, what I got accused for was something I wasn’t even involved with. I didn’t have nothing to do with it.

Freddie goes on to tally the current stats of who’s running the summer when it comes to the Hot Girls and Hot Boys, talks upcoming projects with Alchemist, and of course takes a shot at the 60-second Just-in Time.

Watch the full Freddie Gibbs x L.A. Leakers interview below!

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