Serayah On Linking w/ Chris Brown’s, Biggest Pet Peeve & Modern-Day TLC [WATCH]

Serayah On Linking w/ Chris Brown’s, Biggest Pet Peeve & Modern-Day TLC [WATCH]

Photo Credit: Power 106

Serayah is a singer, songwriter, actress, all-around entertainer and sweetheart. You may recognize her as Tiana Brown on Fox’s hit show Empire, but she also embodies a music star IRL. Most recently, the 24-year-old unleashed her new single “Love It,” with a fire visual to match. The concept of the record is “being okay with whatever you have. You can be poppin’ without having X amount of dollars or acquiring something materialistic. That’s just who you are, you’re a poppin’ person if you ooze that out of yourself.”

Now, Serayah stops by Power 106 for our exclusive Now You Know series.

When asked what the biggest misconception people have about her is, she states, “Maybe that I’m a super diva. Because my character on Empire is a really big diva. I mean, she’s a pop star. Biggest at the label, she runs stuff over there. I’m super chill and laidback, people just don’t expect that from me I guess.”

In addition to the small screen and killing it on IG daily, Serayah speaks on what it was like to link with Chris Brown on “Undecided” music video, which currently hails over 62M views and counting. She states:

“I was super excited to do that by the way! His team called my management, I know his choreographer Josh. My name came up in conversation I guess for the girl they wanted in the video. They wanted someone who could dance but also could act the story out. They were looking for someone to do both, and my name came up!”

Watch above as she names her modern-day TLC, her biggest pet peeve, what she looks for in a man, and craziest encounter with a fan!

ICYMI peep her new visual for “Love It” below.

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