Slim 400 Describes Getting Shot 9 Times, YG’s Support + When His New Album Will Drop

Slim 400 Describes Getting Shot 9 Times, YG’s Support + When His New Album Will Drop

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Slim 400 was recently in the hospital for 15 days after being shot 9 times, but got back in the studio just 2-3 days after being released. The rapper tells us why he thinks the shooting happened, what he learned from it, and how soon his new album will be dropping.

The “Piru” rapper spent a total of 15 days in the hospital after suffering his attack, it Slim overcame the situation with reflection and moments of speaking to a higher power. While Slim confesses in his Close Conversations chat with Nick Cannon that the shooting was most likely due to old disputes that didn’t mean much at the end of the day. 400 told Cannon how he pushed through his stay while in recovery:

Me being in the hospital, just basically, just talking to God, like, “Man, get me up out of here bro, please. Like, I’m gonna do right, bro, I’m gonna do right man. I ain’t gonna be in the streets no more. I won’t be doing the dumb stuff that I was doing. Just give me another chance to show you I could do better. And, as the doctors kept coming in there, you know, the IV, and the medicine, the weak ass food; I just had to eat it, take this medicine, show them I can walk by myself, you know what I mean?

After being released Slim also reveals to Nick his new perspective on his own life, saying “For one, it’s a blessing to be here, to be sitting here talking to you. And on the other hand, it just goes to show me, it ain’t no joke out here, you feel me? Like, your life could be taken at any moment, within any time. It’s unexpected.
Slim goes on to provide substantial advice to those who have not only followed his career but who have also lived his lifestyle, and those who just want to do better as a community.

Me personally, I feel like I got a clean slate. Whatever I did negative back in the day or whatever I was with then, it’ll keep going if you don’t stop. So, I feel like I gotta slow up a little bit and just think better, do better. But for the most part, I feel if all our Black people, not even black people, just people in general; Hispanics, Blacks, whatever, If we would just to be on making money, providing for our family, doing better just for you as an individual, it’ll be a better outcome. It would be too many people jealous, mad, upset, out here.

Watch the full Slim 400 x Close Conversations with #NickCannonMornings below!

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