Meek Mill Is Officially Off Probation + Will Be Given A New Trial

Meek Mill Is Officially Off Probation + Will Be Given A New Trial

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Today Meek has officially entered a brand new chapter in his life, and we couldn’t be happier for him!

He’s been waiting his entire adult life to hear these words! The Philly rapper is no longer on probation and isn’t considered a felon any longer. Meek posted the news via social media earlier today.

The ride was not an easy one, but Meek and his legal team were persistent. This stems from his original 2008 conviction that he’s still working to get overturned. He will also be given a NEW trial after the district attorney was able to prove that his first Judge showed a bias. This is HUGE news.

If that wasn’t amazing enough, Meek and Jay-Z also joined forces to start a new business venture. Dream Chaser Records via Roc Nation is now a thing! He’s a rapper, song writer, activist and NOW the president of a record label. Roc Nation says Meek will “oversee the label and build a staff that will spearhead talent acquisition and development, label operations, creative strategy, marketing and legal, among other positions.” YASSS so much black excellence we can barely handle it!

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