If A$AP Rocky Is Found “Not Guilty” He Could Get Paid Millions

If A$AP Rocky Is Found “Not Guilty” He Could Get Paid Millions

Photo credit: Getty / Christopher Jue

The chances for A$AP Rocky to be released have gotten slimmer now that Sweden may be forced to pay millions if he’s ultimately cleared.

The rapper was forced to cancel his European tour short a couple of weeks ago while his management said he was being held for an unknown period of time after acting in self defense in an altercation at the beginning of the month.

Due to the amount of lost income, it now turns out that Sweden could potentially have to pay all the time missed for the rapper. It is estimated that Rocky gets paid about $100,000 per concert which would have not accumulated to over $2 million overall. Still, the law specifically says “may,” so it is something they may try to avoid.

Rocky’s mom, Renee Black remains unsure what to do to help her son in the meantime. She told TMZ this week that although she doesn’t wanted to pull the race card, there is a good chance that Sweden is keeping her son as an example because of the color of his skin.

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