Danny Trejo On New Record Label, Rihanna Licking His Chest + Passion For Community

Danny Trejo On New Record Label, Rihanna Licking His Chest + Passion For Community

Photo credit: Power 106

Danny Trejo, the actor, former boxer, video game character, restaurant owner, community activist, and now record label owner, stopped by the Zen Studios at Power 106 to talk about all the incredible projects he has coming up!

Danny Trejo along with Baby Bash and E-Dub checked in with Nick Cannon at Power 106 to discuss Danny’s new record label, Trejo Music, his passion for his community, and how Rihanna licked his chest tattoo! Ay Dios mio!

During the interview, Nick mentions the businesses that Danny is tapped into, from his donut shop and his taco restaurant, to his new record label, and asked him if there is anything he doesn’t do. Danny simply replies, “I don’t text and I don’t turn down checks.” 

Nick then goes on to ask about the record label, and how Bash came to work with Danny on the label. Bash states:

“…there’s so much Danny does off camera helping people without the hoopla of instagram recording. He’s a champion, his whole life is a crazy story. He wanted to get into the music game, we’ve been great friends for 30 years and he wanted to get into the music business.” Danny continued the story, “I ended up working with a singer…I remember when it all fell apart, her words were ‘I guess that’s the end of my dream.’ I prayed, I actually prayed and two days later I ran into Bash. He said bring her to the studio. The minute he heard her he said, ‘that’s a singer.’”

Nick then comments on the empire that Danny has built in his community and asks where that passion comes from. Danny says that he loves his community and compares the way his community recognizes him to how Hollywood does. “It’s so funny because Hollywood will give you a star on the sidewalk for everybody to walk on. Pacoima gives you a big mural no one can walk on or tag it.”

Nick then went on to comment on Danny’s tattoo on his chest. Danny then tells Nick that Rihanna licked it. He says how anytime he’s with a girl and they try to kiss that area, he doesn’t let them, and warns them saying, “No you can’t kiss that!” 

With the new record label moving quickly, Nick asks E-Dub what the vibe is on some of the music that the public is going to be hearing soon. E-Dubs says:

“A lot of the music is just pure culture, soul, good music, good feel and that’s all it is man. All we’ve been trying to do for the last couple decades all of us together we been pushing the same thing for our voice to be heard. Dope thing about it is that it’s music and cultural movement all in one. Great people just trying to provide opportunity for others.” Bash goes on, “The music, it’s gonna be a series the Trejos Chicano Soul Shop Volume 1. It’s a good platform for a lot of artists that need to be heard that don’t get that voice that engine that machine to be heard, there’s so much talent out there.”

Catch the FULL interview below!

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