Vidcon Recap With @itsBryhana:

Vidcon Recap With @itsBryhana:

Photo Credit: @thelarrylegend_ on Instagram

This week Bryhana held it DOWN at Vidcon and we have all the tea on what went down!

Vicon is the world’s biggest video convention for fans, creators, executives, AND brands. These days anyone can be an influencer because we all have the ability to build a platform from scratch! Especially with all the info you can learn somewhere like Vidcon….

You can find influencers, Youtubers, beauty bloggers, gamers and MORE! Bryhana got to chat with some cute lil youngins who were ON ONE after meeting one of their favorite Fornite players Scissors.

Bry also chopped it up with our sis Lala Milian, who was actually one of the very few black featured creators this year. Lala was one of the keynote speakers on Saturday and she was dropping gems! They got to chop it up afterwards and oooo honey, we can’t say now, but stay tuned because this isn’t the last you’ll see of these two together. Can you say #blackgirlmagic ?!

All your favorite creators were of course in attendance. We’re talking, Liza Koshy, David Dobrik, Tana Mongeau, Brent Rivera, Andrea Russet, Rhett and Link, Emma Chamberlain, Joey Graceffa, Rickey Thompson, Bretman Rock and SO MANY OTHERS.

And you already Bryhana got the full Vidcon experience! Walked the expo hall and met listeners and fans, attended panels and workshops, hung out at the awesomeness TV stage, you name it, she did it! She said her favorite part of the weekend was attending the podcasting and IGTV panels and Tana Mongeau’s Q & A because they were tons of fun and of course informative!

Checkout our full recap video below:

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