Mez Talks Directing J. Cole’s “Middle Child” Video + Shares Advice From Dr. Dre [WATCH]

Mez Talks Directing J. Cole’s “Middle Child” Video + Shares Advice From Dr. Dre [WATCH]
Repping Raleigh, North Carolina Mez came through Power 106 to sit down with Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk to talk upcoming music, working with J.Cole, Dr.Dre and more.
The “Morris” rapper has been in the rap game grinding for a while and expresses it has not been an overnight thing. Music has been part of his life since he was young, from listening to Biggie to freestyle battling at lunch he says “It just felt right, it felt like I was present.. I felt like it resonated.”
Mez goes on to talk about working with J.Cole and how he had a shot to direct the “Middle Child” music video with ideas of him own. Cole gave him a day to work on his video treatment and went to Cole the next day with his pitch which he ended up going with. He adds that the first scene was one he wrote for himself but couldn’t afford to film it for himself with lightning and other effects. When speaking on working under pressure he says “You gotta step up and show up” which is something he also applied when he was at the Revenge of the Dreamers III studio sessions.
When speaking on artists that inspires him he shares Biggie was one of the first rappers that he fell in love with Life After Death being one of his favorite albums and studied his raps. Another major name in the rap game that inspired him was Dr.Dre. Justin Credible asks Mez what a studio session with Dre, is like which he states “Bro is a genius, if you strip everything else away, he different. I remember learning the patterns and cadences from him that I’ve never heard and hes coming up with it…I remember him telling me space is a note.. He was like the space between things is a note too.” He goes on to add that Dre is the type to keep it a thousand and learned not take critiques too hard, rather as a learning opportunity to be great.
Watch the full interview below to hear his advice to younger artists and catch his fire freestyle he dropped HERE.

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