Nationwide ICE Raids To Begin This Sunday

Nationwide ICE Raids To Begin This Sunday

Photo credit: Getty / Tom Cooper

ICE is planning for the postponed nationwide raid to begin this Sunday. 

The raids will be run by Immigrations and Customs Enforcements and will span over multiple days. They will include “collateral” deportations, meaning that they may detain immigrants who are on the scene, regardless if they were targets of the raid or not. 

Families who are arrested together will be held in family detentions centers in Texas and Pennsylvania. Some might be placed in hotels. ICE hopes to deport families as fast as possible. 

According to officials, ICE is after at least 2,000 immigrants. The raids are expected to happen in at least 10 major cities, including Los Angeles. 


Remember that no one can enter your home without a judicial warrant, and help your community members create emergency plans. 

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