Murda Beatz Talks Migos Flying Him Out, How “Pipe It Up” Blew Up His Career + Names His Top 5 Producers

Murda Beatz Talks Migos Flying Him Out, How “Pipe It Up” Blew Up His Career + Names His Top 5 Producers

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With a plethora of hits under his belt and currently standing as one of the hottest producers in the fame right now, Murda Beatz came through to the Power 106 Studios for a Close Conversation with #NickCannonMornings. Running down his success as a producer, reflecting back on early career moments, the Canada native speaks with Nick Cannon about how he has now branded himself as not only as a producer but as an artist, as well as speaks on some of his upcoming projects and new single.

There’s no doubt that Murda has been putting in work to have the status that he’s gained now, having become a household name with production credits for mega hits from Drake, Migos, Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, and even Tekashi 6ix9ine, the producer, real name Shane Lee Lindstrom, credits his passion for music to his late father. Before passing, Murda’s father pushed him to get into music at an early age, which the songwriter says persuaded him to find a liking to the drums as a child.

I started playing drums when I was four. And my dad got me into music young; R.I.P. my Pops. But, he got me into music young and I just started playing drums, he always wanted me to play guitar and stuff. I’m like, I like beating on the drums, you know? And then I started doing like Travis Barker remixes and my boy showed me Fruity loops. I cracked the program, got it for free! Just practicing and really perfecting my craft and took a lot of sacrifice; not chilling with people, spending a lot of time by myself. This is what I really want to do. I love music and I really had a passion for it.

Coming up with the Migos early on in the 2010’s, Murda says he took some unorthodox routes to make sure his name and experience got out in the industry but has now benefited as he is now branded as his own artist and business.

Since producing and stuff, I always wanted to get credited for my craft and be in the forefront. Even from just back in the day, from traveling the Carolinas and stuff with the Migos and stuff. Being on stage, them pushing me on stage when “Emmitt Smith” came on, or when “Pipe It Up” came on. I was like, man, I want to be like, known for my stuff and be like a face to my music. You know, now with the DJing and stuff, I signed a artist deal with Interscope, dropping my own records, got my own label.

While Murda has a few products up his sleeve ready to drop soon, including his own production kit, Murda drops his top five hip-hop producers which include West Coast legend Dr. Dre. Murda also goes on to share his favorite curse word and describes himself as a G.O.A.T.

Peep the full Close Conversation with Murda Beatz and #NickCannonMornings below!

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