Blac Youngsta on “Cut Up”, Mr. Buttermilk, & Dealing w/ The Industry Politics

Blac Youngsta on “Cut Up”, Mr. Buttermilk, & Dealing w/ The Industry Politics

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The Memphis native Blac Youngsta came back through the Power 106 studios to chop it up with Nick Cannon for a Close Conversation about his current single “Cut Up”, the breakdown of his Mr. Buttermilk character, dealing with industry politics, and reveals a few things that you may not know of the rapper.

Growing up. Blac quickly became accustomed to the street-lifestyle and also the unsettling feeling of wanting more than what was offered to him as a child. The rapper’s current appreciation and outlook on life has changed his finding success in music but not before finding true meaning behind his monetary gain. As Youngsta is known for making it rain no matter where he may be, the rapper tells Cannon that his flexing is not something to mislead anyone as he explains, “A lot of people come from different places. Like where I come from, it’s kind of like, this is motivation. I don’t do it to like stunt, and I don’t walk around with it, I go to the bank and I go get it, show, and then put it back in the bank.”

Speaking on why he consistently smiles and is always in good spirits, Youngsta says:

Where I come from, I been frowning all my life. I was mad. I was distracted like, every day coming up. You young coming up in the hood, you just ready to get out that sh*t! You’re just like, you’re mad. Youngsta continues, “I lost myself when I first came in it. I came in mad angry, must still just turnt. Taking that attitude with me and realized, that sh*t not gonna get me anywhere. So no matter how you feeling, I feel ike, if I weren’t in the mood to come here and smile, if I weren’t going to be smiling and be happy, I wouldn’t have never came.

Youngsta’s current single “Cut Up” is making major noise behind his successful “Booty” record, which Blac explains the recording process happened over vacationing in two different countries. Blac says, “I went to Amsterdam for the first time; the Red Light district. I went to Dubai. I started recording in Amsterdam and I was just trying to vibe and you know, feel myself. When I finally came up with it, it was like half and half in each city.”

Blac Youngsta goes on to speak on how he deals with fake industry relationships and how he deals with hip-hop relationships and also reveals that he’s a bit OCD when it comes to handshakes and also shares his guilty pleasures in a “Firing Squad” round.

Peep the full Blac Youngsta x #NickCannonMorings Close Conversation below!

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