Ambjaay on Creating Viral “Uno” Track, Advice From Jay Rock, New Album, Humble Beginnings & More

Ambjaay on Creating Viral “Uno” Track, Advice From Jay Rock, New Album, Humble Beginnings & More

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Ambjaay has been heating up the streets with his viral hit “Uno” which has garnered attention from his Watts neighborhood to big names in hip-hop including Wiz Khalifa and Bay singer Kehlani. Stopping through the Liftoff with the L.A. Leakers Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk, Ambjaay chopped it up about creating “Uno”, upcoming tour and album, and advice he received from Jay Rock.

Just getting his foot into the his craft, Ambjaay shares how he got into music and how his struggle after high school pushed him to continue to go after becoming a rapper.
When I got out of high school, life was hard, I ain’t going to lie, I couldn’t get no job. I wanted to do music, you feel me? I wanted to make that my job. So, I just kept doing music and I blew up out of nowhere. I been rapping two years strong.

While the up and coming rapper doesn’t want to be labeled as just a West Coast rapper and wants to prove that he is versatile in the game, the Watts Native tells Justin how the viral hit “Uno” came together after hearing the track on Instagram.

I had made a made a EP called ‘Cost To Live Like this’, that’s my slogan. I needed one more song. So, my boy Almighty Quise; I heard the beat on Instagram, I made the hook in like five seconds. So, I told my boy, ‘Aye I need that beat! Don’t send it to nobody.’ ‘Cause he was going to make it into a challenge! Then, I made the verse in like 10 minutes and I had to hurry up and go to the studio and I told my boy, D3, this finna go viral; because they wouldn’t expect a Black person to get on a Hispanic beat.

Ambjaay goes on to talk some advice he has received form LA rapper and Grammy award winner Jay Rock, who also reps Ambjaay’s same Watts upbringing, saying,”He tell me, keep going. Like, don’t never give up your dream. Chase your goal, you feel me? And, separate yourself. Everybody don’t want to see you win, you feel me, or succeed in life.”

Peep the full Ambjaay x L.A. Leakers interview below!

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