How To Be Earthquake Prepared

How To Be Earthquake Prepared

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Los Angeles has been rattled over the last 24 hours after experiencing two major earthquakes. Thursday in Ridgecrest it was reported a 6.4 magnitude quake which was followed by a reported 7.1 quake tonight near the same area. The earthquake was felt even in Las Vegas where the NBA Summer League is going on which they ended up postponing for safety reasons.

After events like these it serves as a good reminder to do your best to be prepared for any type of natural disaster. As many of us know, during an earthquake it is best to duck under a table or under anything sturdy while protecting your neck and head. Wherever you are it is best to stay put, away from glass windows or any objects that could fall til you feel it is safe.

Earthquake experts state prevention of damage to your home is equally important, making sure TVs, bookshelves, anything on the walls are secured and you have a clear pathway to all exits. Having an earthquake preparedness kit is also key, including items like water, non perishable food, supplies for pets and children, first aid kits, all important documents together among other items. In regards to staying prepared they suggest keeping cash on hand and making sure your gas tank is full.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put together an extensive list of items you can include in your emergency kit, you can read more here.

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