Lil Nas X Made Paninis With Who?!

Lil Nas X Made Paninis With Who?!

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter | Getty Images

As you know, Lil Nas X has taken over the Internet as well as the music charts. When he’s not laughing at Twitter trolls and making cross-over music, he is apparently traveling the world. While spending some time in the UK with his Cyrus pals, the rapper/troller decided to go out on a whim via Twitter and enlist the help of a celebrity chef in adding “panini expert” to his resumé.

On Monday, July 1st, Chef Gordon Ramsay tweeted about acquiring his 10 millionth subscriber on Youtube. Instead of responding with a simple congratulatory message, the “Old Town Road” artist responded with a request: “Teach me how to make paninis while i’m still in London.” The “Master Chef” host is known for usually being a grouch, but he replied with “Name the day…”

Okay, so even before this point, we were all beginning to wonder if there was anything the Atlanta rapper could not pull off. But would he really be able to stand the heat of being in the kitchen with Mr. Hells Kitchen himself?! Turns out, he really can do anything. After teasing his fans with the statement “y’all not gone believe who finna hop on panini”

We found this:

In the end, our initial conclusion was correct– there really is nothing that Lil Nas X cannot do. Professional Twitter troller, Country music bender, rapper, and now, Master Chef-certified Panini maker.

And if you missed it, you can watch the actual “Panini” music video here.

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