DaBaby Sentenced To 1-Year Probation In Wal-Mart Shooting Case

DaBaby Sentenced To 1-Year Probation In Wal-Mart Shooting Case

Photo Credit: Liliane Lathan/Getty Images for BET

The rapper’s legal team was able to score him a deal that worked very much in his favor.

There is no arguing DaBaby is one of the hottest rising rappers. He’s been in the game for some time now, but before he gained mainstream notoriety, the “Suge” rapper was involved in a fatal shooting at a North Carolina Walmart. DaBaby says he was out shopping for winter clothes for his children when two men tried to rob him at gunpoint. “These n****s walked up on me, tried me, whipped out on my whole family,” the rapper said on his IG story after the incident. “If two n****s walk down on you and your whole motherf***ing family, threaten y’all  whip out on y’all n****, let me see what y’all gone do.”

From the beginning, Baby has maintained that he shot the man out of self-defense and lucky for him according to the ruling, the court understands his reasoning. The Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office originally convicted the rapper for carrying a concealed gun which is considered a misdemeanor. He was first given both probation and well a 30 days prison sentence. The jail time was later suspended according to TMZ, who reported that a judge ruled he would only serve one-year probation for his involvement in the altercation.

Watch the video posted to his IG live last November below:

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