Guapdad 4000 on Losing His Bet w/ Drake, Dreamville Sessions, “Flossin” & More

Guapdad 4000 on Losing His Bet w/ Drake, Dreamville Sessions, “Flossin” & More

Bay Area rapper, Guapdad 4000, dropped in with the LA Leakers and discussed everything from the making of his controversial “Flossin'” music video, to battling it out with his fellow rappers during the Dreamville sessions in Atlanta in the most comedic way possible.

If you haven’t heard already, Mr. 4000 became the center of attention when he dropped the visual for his 2019 single, “Flossin,” because the video includes clips of him receiving “fellatio” on camera. He explained to Justin Credible that the concept originally began with a tweet.

“I told the Twittersphere, ‘hey, the Ferragamo Falcon is extending the glorious opportunity of the oral nature to females in the Los Angeles area to perform [the act] on the fluffy feather of The Falcon.” Apparently, 150 girls flocked at the opportunity before three lucky ladies were chosen.

This wasn’t the only worth-while story the “Scamboy” rapper shared with The L.A. Leakers. He joked about how the track’s producer, James Delgado, had come clean  about not knowing a thing about producing or engineering when the pair initially met. “[James] had been Youtubing it the whole way there… He had literally Googled ‘Pro Tools Hot Keys…”

Following this, he took us back with a few stories on how he broke into the rap game to begin with. The artist explained that he began rapping in the sixth grade, performing alongside a friend of his in a talent show. When he moved to San Fransisco, however, he put the mic down, as he did not yet appreciate the music that his friends were making there. He eventually became a member of a group he and his friends created called “The YB’s.” Guap says that people thought the boys were “so handsome and so fly,” that they must already be rappers, so the group then decided that is exactly what they are.

After his stint with The YB’s, he and Kehlani were creating AIM (AOL Instant Message) screen names, which eventually came to be his stage name, Guapdad 4000. And while Kehlani may have influenced his rap name, hip hop veterans like Eminem, 50 Cent, Ludacris, and Mac Dre molded his early musical tastes. Guapdad credits his later influences to be names like Kanye West and Dom Kennedy.

Other legends mentioned during this shit down included Drake and J. Cole and his unbelievable interactions with them, including how he ended up in a Raptor costume on the Golden State Bridge and a part of “the most positive gladiator death session you could ever imagine” with other promising artists.

Check out the rest of the interview below to hear all about Guapdad 4000’s epic adventures.

You also won’t wanna miss his L.A. Leakers Freestyle, either! You can watch it here.

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