Birdman Addresses Disrespectful Interviews, ‘Cash Money’ Influence + Upcoming Film w/ Chris Brown

Birdman Addresses Disrespectful Interviews, ‘Cash Money’ Influence + Upcoming Film w/ Chris Brown

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The number one Stunna himself, Birdman came through to the Power 106 studios to have a Close Conversation with #NickCannonMornings. As the head honcho of one of the most successful record labels in the music landscape, PERIODT, Birdman, aka Stunna, aka Baby, but you can only call him that if you are close family from his New Orleans, Louisiana roots, checks in with Nick Cannon and addresses how to handle disrespectful interviews and changing the culture of respect in hip-hop, talks being the original “Baby” in rap, and talks Cash Money Records impact in music and new ventures into film.

Having had a major influence in the hip-hop game, Birdman’s founding of Cash Money Records set up the music mogul and his incredible roster of talent which included Lil Wayne, Juvenile, and many more. Currently with more than a music imprint under the Cam Money umbrella, during the launch of the record label, Birdman says the CM family changed the culture and image of hip-hop.

Around that time, n****s was saying hip-hop was dying. When we rose to another level. We always was there. When we took it to the next level, they was speaking as hip-hop was dying and we just took that sh*t and ran with it.

Birdman has had some moments where he was publicly in feuds with his collaborators as well as facing some interview moments that didn’t give him the respect he demanded. Speaking on why some radio interviews go left because of the lack of respect for the profession, craft, and being of an artist, Birdman says:

I think radio is a hell of a job. Some people take it completely out of context and be very disrespectful and down-play the artist. I think as an artist and as a man, because first we’re me and we;’re humans first, so when the disrespect come; I know they got to do a job but it’s still a line. And, a lot of them cross that line. And, I think as a man and as a person, sometimes you got to step up and check that sh*t.

Before going on to our Fire Squad round of speed questions, Birdman drops knowledge about his upcoming projects, one which includes a movie with Chris Brown and Nick Cannon, as well as revealing how he has the ability of discovering new hip-hop stars like LA’s own Blueface.

Peep the full Birdman x Nick Cannon Close Conversation below!

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