The Game On ‘Born 2 Rap’ Being His Last Album, Nipsey Hussle + Calling Dr. Dre

The Game On ‘Born 2 Rap’ Being His Last Album, Nipsey Hussle + Calling Dr. Dre

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After completely setting the Power 106 studios on flame with a viral freestyle, delivering bars over “Old Town Road”, “Go Loko” and even the late 2Pac’s “Can’t C Me”, The Game took a moment to speak with Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk of the L.A. Leakers about his forthcoming album ‘Born 2 Rap’ being his last project, his relationship with the late Nipsey Hussle, and even takes a surprise phone call from the Dr. himself, and much more.

Game has been in the industry for over 14 years since dropping his debut album ‘The Documentary’ and while he didn’t expect to have as much longevity as a hip-hop icon, the rapper reveals why ‘Born 2 Rap’ will mark the end of his recording career. Speaking to the Leakers, Game expresses, “It is the last album. You know what man, 10 albums is good. No other rapper outside of Drake has more number one albums than me. We tied at nine. But, my album comes out, hopefully he don’t throw no sh*t out before me! The Game continues, “Nine number one albums, bro. I’m tied with Drake, that’s a big feat in its own. Living down the street from Drake, him living down the street from Game; I mean, this sh*t is cool to me!”

The Game has been teasing his forthcoming project for some time and recently dropped his “West Side” single and also previewed a Nipsey Hussle verse that will be featured on the project. As the new LP is set to be his last, Game explains the inspiration for the ‘Born 2 Rap’ titling.

Everybody is born with a purpose. You don’t really know at what point in your life you gonna figure that out or your purpose is gonna find you, or you gonna find it. But, I feel like for me to be the caliber emcee that I am, and to be in the game for so long and have the type of catalog that I have, like, it always had to be there. You can’t wait until you’re like 20-years old and turn into LeBron.

Coming into rap at a time where he was still attempting to take care of his family while still living the street hustle lifestyle, Game revealed that his “How We Do” came out during a time when he was still fighting for his life and his first-born son. Since his music success, Game explains that he still reps for the culture with his latest project as he’s recruited Dom Kennedy to produce the project and has the late Hussle.

Speaking on the relationship and friendship that he was fortunate to experience with Ermias aka Nipsey, The Game shares his thoughts about the passing of his late friend.

I love Nip! I miss Nip. I’m still not okay with what happened. I struggle with what happened to him on a daily, man; on the daily I think about him. It’s “prolific on my temple so that when I look in the mirror I see it. I see him. I post him. And, I don’t give a f*ck about how nobody feel about what I do on my Instagram for my brother.

The Game goes on to share a hilarious story about R&B songstress making him tacos back in the day, see how Dr. Dre always picks up the phone for the rapper without a complete ring, and Game talks the future of the Lakers.

Peep the full The Game x L.A. Leakers interview below!


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