Iggy Azalea Talks ‘In My Defense’ Project, Turning Down “Power Rangers” Role + Dating Someone Older

Iggy Azalea Talks ‘In My Defense’ Project, Turning Down “Power Rangers” Role + Dating Someone Older

Iggy Azalea checked in with Nick Cannon to discuss her upcoming album ‘In My Defense’, which features viral singles “Sally Walker” and “Started”. The Close Conversation with Cannon brought up some intimate topics including the possibility of dating her childhood crush, who’s older than her, why she turned down a Power Rangers movie role, and Iggy also shared she has an expensive art collection, rides horses in her free time, and much more.

Stopping through the Zen studio, Iggy chopped it up with #NickCannonMornings about some of the misconceptions she’s had to face being in the spotlight as well as not always wanting to do press interviews. Speaking to Cannon about some of the misconstrued ideas people may have about her, Azalea says,”I get that a lot.” Iggy continues, “I don’t know, but I promise you, more than once a week, people that interact with me just in regular life will be like, ‘You’re actually really nice,’ and I’m like, wow, you must have thought that I was the biggest jerk.”

There’s no question that Iggy hasn’t reached success on the music forefront, her forthcoming project ‘In My Defense’ will continue her “sh*t talking” vibe as she ventures into a new era with the album. Although her credits and plaques shows her success as a rapper, Iggy says that you won’t her catching her in any new acting gigs any time soon.

You know what, funnily enough, random story, I almost was a villain in a movie; Power Rangers! But, you had to film it in like Vancouver or somewhere and it took like movie length amount of time and I was like, I ain’t doing that sh*t!

While the “Fancy” rapper has since turned down several acting requests, citing her bad acting chops, Iggy also turned down her childhood crush who slid in her DM’s one day to see what was good with the Aussie. Although she didn’t see too into the idea of dating someone older than her, Nick definitely broke down why there’s nothing wrong with dating someone older, as he famously married the music legend Mariah Carey, whom he crushed on since he was a preteen.

Iggy goes on to talk about her biggest fear, her extensive art collection, how she’s going to continue being Nick’s therapist in her spare time, her biggest turn offs, and much more.

Peep the full Iggy Azalea x #NickCannonMornings interview below!



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