85 South Talks Live Comedy Show, Wild Instagram DM’s + Changing “Baby Daddy” Perception

85 South Talks Live Comedy Show, Wild Instagram DM’s + Changing “Baby Daddy” Perception

85 South started as a podcast and is now a live show, with a performance tonight at The Palladium in Los Angeles. Members of the group, including DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller, and Chico Bean, checked in with Nick Cannon to talk about why everyone needs to pull up to the show!

Coming through to the Zen Studios for the brand new #NickCannonMornings show, the trio not only discussed the live comedy show, but of course the crazy Wild’n out antics came out when talking about wild Instagram direct messages, roasting Nick for having yet another job (taking over as the Power 106 Morning show host), and even established a Baby Daddy Incorporated.

Speaking on the comedic chemistry the group has come to solidify with their past experience vibing together on the the staple MTV show Wild’n Out, Chico Bean talks how working with Young and Miller is effortless.

We come from the environment of Wild’n Out though. So, it’s like, you know first hand how hard it is to be able to blend your comedy with somebody else’s comedy, because everybody finds different things funny and everybody looks at things form different perspectives. With us, just from the way we’ve built, from having to learn so many different styles of Wild’n Out, when we get on stage, we kind of have built a bank of skill. And, we just go off of each other without even thinking about it.

While Cannon is currently on the search for possible love, as he’s knocking out blind dates during #NickCannonMornings, baby daddy talk went down and it looks like the group might be on to something with their newly created “Baby Daddy INC.” Miller tells Cannon, “We gotta change the perception on what a Baby Daddy is, I feel like you could do that.”

Peep the full 85 South x #NickCannonMornings interview below!


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