Saweetie Talks Upcoming “My Type” Visual, Dealing W/ Online Hate + Shares 10 Things You Didn’t Know

Saweetie Talks Upcoming “My Type” Visual, Dealing W/ Online Hate + Shares 10 Things You Didn’t Know

photo credit: Power 106

Bay Area’s very own ICY GIRL, aka Saweetie, stopped by the Zen Studios at Power 106 to kick off Nick Cannon’s first interview on #NickCannonMornings!

The “My Type” rapper lets us know her future business plans, why she reads ALL her social media comments, and how she plans to take her fame back home to better the Nor Cal.

From head-to-toe, she came drippin’ in her very own ICY couture including a custom-made, sailor moon inspired chain, and a tube top from her own clothing line.

While we all know that she is currently boo’ed up with Migos member, Quavo, Nick Cannon on the other hand, needed some credible relationship advice because he claims he will be single AF…forever.

“I heard you were a heart breaker though…if you feel like you’re heart broken, my best advice is to get to the bag.”

Saweetie has been putting on for her community and being a strong female empowered artist, who embraces differences and is outspoken on female liberation and loving yourself, the rapper reveals some advice on dealing with online hate she has received and how to deal with bullying.

I think the biggest advice is to first of all identify the root of the problem. Because while you say it might start with bullying, I feel like it starts with home. I feel like it starts with the roots. Like, bullies are only bullies because they’re probably bullied at home, or because they need a sense of power. And, people are reflections of what it happening at home. And, it’s unfortunate because even when I experience hate, y’all hating on me for no reason, y’all don’t know me, but y’all don’t know no better. That’s not your problem, that’s your Mommy and your Daddy problem. 

Saweetie continues expressing her message about dealing with bullying, telling Cannon, “So my best advice for people who are doing the bullying and people who really are the victim: really identify where that sense of, like motivation to hate or to even be in that situation, identify where that comes from because once you do that, I feel like you’ll be able to get some of that self love. And, once you self-love, you life gets better and you’re able to come to yourself as a person.”

With her current single “My Type” heating up social media, and the charts, Saweetie let us know that you can expect a risky vibe for the soon to drop visual. Not letting any more details out about the upcoming video, Saweetie got into a surprisingly revealing round of the “Firing Squad” where she dropped some gems that some fans probably wouldn’t have known before. Saweetie also gave our new Morning Show host, Nick Cannon, some dating advice.

Peep the full Saweetie x #NickCannonMorings interview below!



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