Nicki Minaj Says “MEGATRON” Is Coming 6/21 + Fan Theories On Twitter

Nicki Minaj Says “MEGATRON” Is Coming 6/21 + Fan Theories On Twitter

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Something Mega this way comes…

Yesterday, Nicki Minaj came back from a social media hiatus to tweet “#MEGATRON”. The Queen rapper also changed the profile pictures on her accounts to reflect the mysterious new drop.

Then today she followed it up with a few pictures and a specific dateโ€”June 21st.

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#Megatron + #QueenRadio 6|21

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Now we aren’t sure yet exactly what “MEGATRON” is. It could be a song (the most plausible), an album title…or really anything. Of course it took no time at all, the Barbz and other fans have come up with theories about what they think may be OTW. One popular tweet suggests “MEGATRON” could be a song title featuring a collab between Nicki, Megan Thee Stallion and Trina. “MEGA” for Megan Thee Stallion “TR” for Trina and “ON” for Onika, Nicki’s first name.

Another users sayss that if you unscramble “MEGATRON,” you can get “Get Roman,” Roman Zolanski of course is Nicki’s alter-ego that hasn’t made an appearance since , so some think this is her ay of announcing his comeback.

OR that maybe “MEGATRON” is just a new alter-ego all together.

While some these theories are plausible, I bet a few of y’all arms are hurting after those reaches! In all seriousness though, there is really no telling whats to come; so we’ll all just have to wait until the 21st to see *laughs maniacally in Roman Zolanksi*.

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