Jerry Purpdrank Talks Coming Up w/ King Bach, “Extra” Visual & Tinder Activities [WATCH]

Jerry Purpdrank Talks Coming Up w/ King Bach, “Extra” Visual & Tinder Activities [WATCH]

Photo Credit: Power 106

Jerry Purpdrank has 3.1M followers on Instagram alone. Balancing being a social influencer, rapper, actor, the Massachusetts native is an all-around entertainer. At a young age, they used to give him tiny juice boxes and he’d always grab the purple one — which lead to his name today. Blowing up on the internet in 2014, it was two years later when he knew he wanted to rap. Fast forward to 2019, he unleashes the official music video for “Extra.”

Now, Jerry stops by Power 106 for an exclusive interview on our Now You Know series, chatting about everything from friendship with King Bach to Tinder activities.

Speaking on the downfall of Vine, he explains, “It wasn’t a boycott, it was more of a transition. The problem with Vine and the Viners was we were basically doing all the work for them, on their platform — and they weren’t trying to help us in any way, shape, or form. They didn’t start talking to us until three years into our whole social media spiel. It was too late, there were other places that liked us more.”

Jerry also explains why he stands out from the others. “What sets me apart from different Vine stars trying music is I actually like music and I actually go hard for my music. I feel like a lot of other people are just doing it for clout or the money, but I truly do love music.”

In addition, he reveals being a valet before discovering the internet. When asked what his future goals were, he states “Of course I’d love to be an artist, but I always wanna keep that social media there too. Like a 6ix9ine, but not. I don’t troll, I just make content. I like making people laugh. I feel like I can do both at the same, make people laugh and make dope music.”

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