Star Of “Shark Tank” Says She Wants Jay-Z To Join The Show

Star Of “Shark Tank” Says She Wants Jay-Z To Join The Show

Photo Credit: Brian Ach/Getty Images for Something in the Water

This week news broke that Jay Z is the first rapper in history to reach billionaire status. Now it seems another wealthy business woman has her eye on Jay…

Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran, spoke with TMZ, and when asked what she thought about Mr. Carter’s accomplishment she first said, “he deserves it.” She then continued, “C’mon. He’s a self-promoter, he works his ass off. Why shouldn’t he be a billionaire? I bet he’ll be a guest shark, why not? I’ll make sure he gets invited. It’s not my job, it’s my producer’s, but now that you say it, he’d be fabulous.”

Shark Tank features a panel of wealthy business men and women who sit before hopeful inventors looking for an investor to turn their passion project into the next big thing. Jay-Z is definitely king when it comes to money moves so maybe this idea will become a reality? Take a look at the clip below:

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