Wale Drops Surprise Single “Daylight” [LISTEN]

Wale Drops Surprise Single “Daylight” [LISTEN]

Wale has chosen to kick off the month of June by dropping a little something for our musical enjoyment. By “little,” we mean that the song itself is actually just under two minutes, but delivers everything you would expect from a Wale classic.

The Washington D.C. native has proven himself to be capable of making sexy, radio-friendly bops, but also able to express his deeper thoughts lyrically. His single, entitled “Daylight,” mostly resembles the latter and boasts a low-key, psychedelic beat produced by Thelonious Martin. Wale touches on his struggle with anxiety within the lines:

What you impressed with I find depressing
No really, I’m ’bout to finish this Valium prescription
These niggas using anxiety for an aesthetic
While I struggle in some environments after I settle

But don’t be fooled, despite the laid-back nature of the instrumental and the presence of heavier bars, the “Bad” rapper still wants everyone to know he has no problem when it comes to pulling the ladies. Like before mentioned, this is all a display of the versatility present in a Wale record.

It is likely will be seeing more of this trait very soon, as the cover photo of the song reads “My album finished, I’m just out here playin.'” While we wait for the arrival of his sixth studio album, feel free to check out “Daylight.” With the song being just over a minute and a half long, feel free to listen more than once. You’ve got the time.

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