Maino On Working w/ Nipsey Hussle Early On & Making A Song w/ Lil Xan [WATCH]

Maino On Working w/ Nipsey Hussle Early On & Making A Song w/ Lil Xan [WATCH]

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Maino is one of the hardest rappers to come out of New York, period. The Brooklyn native has a long catalog of hits, including 2009’s “Hi Hater” and “All The Above” featuring T-Pain. Above all else, his music embodies the founding parts of what hip-hop was founded on: real bars, substantial lyrics, and a hard beat. Now, he stops by Power 106 for an exclusive interview for our Now You Know series, discussing everything from Nipsey Hussle to Love & Hip Hop: New York.

Maino begins by talking about the one moment that defined his career. When it comes to the song, he lists “Rumors” — a record that only the day one, real mixtape Maino fans will know. He states, “That song ‘Rumors’ changed my life. I made this song, it was talking about all the rumors in the business, in the industry. Next thing you know, A&Rs were calling my phone. I couldn’t believe that. I got my first record deal of it, I was signed to Universal back then. That was a moment that was real for me, it was like ‘I made it!'”

Next, he lists some of his favorite projects, his top 5 rappers from New York, and the real reason he joined Love & Hip Hop: New York.

He explains, “For me, it was a business move to get my girl going. She has a hair company, a store called Hair Like Maggie. I felt like she could benefit from those viewers, from that platform. I got nothing but love and respect for the whole team, but it was important for me I go in there and not be caught up in the nonsense. I’m not involved in no fuckery, none of that. Integrity is big for me.”

In addition, he chats about the influence of Nipsey Hussle on his own life. The two worked together very early on Nip’s original national song, “Hussle In The House.” Maino ended up hopping on the remix alongside Jay Rock. He states: “People discovered so much about him right after it happened, that it was ultimately unbelievable. This guy here was doing all this? So much for the community, so much for the youth, so much to position himself as a businessman and entrepreneur. It made me feel like I wasn’t doing enough. That struck a chord with people.” 

Watch above to see how he linked with Lil Xan in the studio also!

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