Klay Thompson Says He’s Boycotting Certain Drake Songs During The Finals

Klay Thompson Says He’s Boycotting Certain Drake Songs During The Finals

Photo Credit: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Klay says he’s in “kill mode” so he’s nixing a few Drake songs from his playlist.

The NBA Finals are right around the corner and much like the rest of us, NBA players need that fire playlist on deck to get in the zone. When Golden State guard Klay Thompson was asked about Drake songs on his playlist for the finals, he had a funny but relatable response.

“If it’s a bad song I’ll skip it,” Thompson said point-blank. “If it’s one of his hits I’ll play it.” Thompson went on to explain, “I’ve been a Drake fan since I was in high school. He’s a great artist. Do I like him as a Raptor fan? No. But, I like him as a musician. He’s extremely talented.” The guard isn’t so quick to completely eliminate Drizzy songs from his playlist though. “If it’s one of his soft, R&B songs I’mma skip it because I’m in kill mode right now. I’m trying to get these four games so I’ll skip ‘Hotline Bling’ or anything along that line.”

Coach Steve Kerr also made a Dad joke about Drizzy’s typical sideline shenanigans; “I’m not worried about Drake. I called him on his cell phone earlier.” L-O-L! Of course Drake is infamous for his “Drake curse” where sports fans suggest that the 6 God has the power to cause whatever team he is supporting to actually lose! Most recently he seemed to be all for the jokes, and wore a pair of 76ers shorts during their game against the Raptors, which Toronto then went on to win. Fact or Fiction? Maybe we might just find out during the finals. Game 1 is going down this Thursday night.

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