Kid Ink’s House Got Broken-Into—Thieves Took Over $200K Of Stuff

Kid Ink’s House Got Broken-Into—Thieves Took Over $200K Of Stuff

Photo Credit: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

The worst part of all of this is…there’s a chance it could have been prevented!

Many high profile celebs in the LA area such as Rihanna, Yasiel Puig, Taylor Swift and others have been victims of a string of home invasions. TMZ is reporting that there is a little something different about this particular case though, it could have avoided!

The outlet is saying that last week, Kid Ink returned home to find a bunch of luggage in his backyard, that he didn’t put there. He soon realized that over 200K worth of purses and jewelry he had lying around his house were gone! Now here comes the cringe moment—the robbers didn’t have too difficult of a time getting in…actually there were no difficulties at all. They just walked right in; through his back door…that was left unlocked. Ouch! Sources are saying there were no signs of forced entry. This is more than likely a learning moment for the rapper, as we’ve all been absent minded before. Police are currently investigating the incident and hopefully nothing of sentimental value was taken!

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