YG on Representing For Latinos W/Nipsey Hussle, Post Malone’s $20,000 Debt to Him & ‘4 Real 4 Real’

YG on Representing For Latinos W/Nipsey Hussle, Post Malone’s $20,000 Debt to Him & ‘4 Real 4 Real’

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YG checks in with the LA Morning Show to talk about his latest album ‘4 REAL 4 REAL’ that dropped today, Post Malone owing him $20,000, the name of his new daughter and more!

Currently on the wave of his third studio album, YG connected with Cece, Noah Ayala, and Teddy Mora of the morning show where he discussed all things ‘4 Real 4 Real’ and how life has been with a new baby on the way as well as how life has changed since losing the late Nipsey Hussle.

As his current YG and Mustard-assisted single “Go Loko” has been heating up our playlists, as well as the conversation of cultural appropriation of the Hispanic lifestyle, YG says that he has been influenced by Latino culture while growing up in Southern Cali and also talks the inspiration for the infectious record.

I feel like growing up in L.A. is a part of it for sure. Then, at the same time I know most of my biggest supporters come from the Latino community. So, me doing my thing, that’s always in my head. I know that so, I’m going to talk about it or I’m going to do some things that’s going to represent that. And, yeah, Mustard came up with this idea though, to do this. Him and Tyga was like you the only one that can do this song.

This time around, YG confesses that 4 Real 4 Real is a different direction from his past album efforts as the Compton rapper admits that he is continuing to challenge himself as an artist and wants to continue pioneering a sound that continues to shift and experiment. Revealing to the Morning crew the contrast between his previous projects and his new Def Jam-supported ‘4 Real’, YG states,” I think 4 Real 4 Real is the best album since ‘My Krazy Life’. The rapper continues, “What makes it different from the last two albums I did, like, the last two albums it was YG trying to just do some different sh*t. I’m always trying to do some different sh*t but I felt like it was too different but at the time, that’s just what it was.”

As many continue to mourn the loss of Nipsey Hussle, YG shares that the impact of the two’s “FDT’ political statement was not just about protesting the now President, but it was a statement that was in aid to put on for the Latino community that continues to be underrepresented.

When me and Nip did the “F*ck Donald Trump” song and we did the last verse about the Mexicans, the Latinos, we did that because we like, “Bro, they ain’t really got nobody, you feel me, that’s on a level, that’s speaking for them, on some sh*t! So, we like, we got to do it on this song.

During the interview, YG also goes on to speak about how fatherhood continues to change his outlook on life, reveals the name of his baby girl that is on the way, chops it up about “Wow” rapper Post Malone owing him a big $20,000 pay check and much more.

Peep the full YG interview below!

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