HBD G-Eazy!—Checkout Our 6 FAV G-Eazy Collabs EVER

HBD G-Eazy!—Checkout Our 6 FAV G-Eazy Collabs EVER

Photo Credit: Daniel Ramos @Spiribolt/ Power 106

Today hip-hop’s heart-throb Gerald Gillum, aka G-Eazy turns the dirty thirty! What better way to celebrate his NEW decade, then to look back on the last ten years (he dropped his first studio album Epidemic LP in 2009) of all the amazing music he’s made! Checkout our 6 favorite G-Eazy collabs below:

#6 “Throw Fits” (2017) G-Eazy, London On Da Track, Juvenile and City Girls

This is G’s most recent collab that actually dropped a week ago today!

#5 “Remember You” (2014) G-Eazy & blackbear

Ahhhh 2014 Gerald. This was a good era. As much as we love the upbeat G-Eazy club bangers we love the more slow melodic Gerald too. Get you a guy who can do both!

#4 “Me, Myself & I” (2015) G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha

The chorus to this song is the epitome of a “feeling yourself” song. Not the kind you play when you’re getting ready to go out and you got you just got your face beat; but that song you put on when you FINALLY get over your trash ex, or you just ditched a toxic friendship and play this and you look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself who TF you are!! *hair flips dramatically*.

#3 “West Coast” G-Eazy, ALLBLACK & YG

This song is fairly new too, but that Blueface feature, WHEW. Enough said.

#2 “Him & I” (2017) G-Eazy & Halsey

Ugh. Love this Gerald ear too.

#1 “No Limit” (2017) G-Eazy, A$AP Rocky & Cardi B
This is THEE ultimate, staple, G-Eazy banger! This is not up for debate. This song is only about two years old, but any time it comes on one has to stad up and shake dat a** its just non-negotiable.

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