Tiny Harris On New Music, ‘Xscape’ Biopic + Shares Opinion On Chris Brown, Michael Jackson & 2Pac Comparison

Tiny Harris On New Music, ‘Xscape’ Biopic + Shares Opinion On Chris Brown, Michael Jackson & 2Pac Comparison

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Tiny Harris checks in with the Power 106 Morning crew to talk upcoming biopic on legendary group ‘Xscape’, new music, her opinion on Chris Brown, and how therapy has helped her marriage.

Tiny Harris has been in the game for over two decades, debuting with the R&B legends Xscape, and while one of her biggest hits might have been behind the scenes, as she wrote the mega new millennium hit, TLC’s “No Scrubs”, the mother, singer, and songwriter revealed why she decided to step back into the spotlight as a solo artist. Speaking with Noah, Cece, and Teddy of the morning show, Tiny says:

I’ve been getting a lot of people just asking me to do music! Ever since I did the “What The F You Gon Do” song, which was in 2012, I’ve just been getting people requesting me to do more music and more music. And, I just wasn’t really ready. I’ve been recording though, here and there and I just always keep it to myself. So, I recorded this song and I let my general manager just hear it and she was like, ‘Yo, you got to do something with this song.’ And, from there I just started saying, ‘Well, let me just get bacj in the studio and I started recording more.

While Tiny’s group Xscape is currently in talks to regroup with an upcoming tour and a new biopic that is slated to premiere on Bravo, Tiny also shared that marriage counseling has helped her relationship with rapper T.I. the couple. Tiny says that therapy has taught her that she does not always understand Tip’s side of things when it comes to the not so important arguments. Tiny shares, “I do not admit to a lot of things. I feel like the little things are so minute compared to the major things that he [T.I.] do.”

Tiny goes on to share her side of things when it came to the Kodak Black beef with T.I., why she turned down an offer to be a cast member on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reality show, and comments on Chris Brown being compared to Michael Jackson and 2Pac.

Watch the full Tiny Harris interview below!

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