#TheLiftoff Concert Artist $tupid Young Talks “Mando” Success, Face Time w/ Nipsey Hussle, & More

#TheLiftoff Concert Artist $tupid Young Talks “Mando” Success, Face Time w/ Nipsey Hussle, & More

$tupid Young, who reps for the LBC, made his way back into the Power 106 studios to chop it up with the Morning Show crew, where The Liftoff artist names features on new project, talks face time interaction with Nipsey Hussle, the worst job he ever had, and more.

A lot has been in constant change for the Los Angeles native as he continues to see his star rising and and on the come up. Being able to balance life as a fairly new Dad, a hectic music schedule, Young expresses that his work ethic and drive stems from him loving what he does for a living.

I kind of feel the same. A lot of people be like, damn, his work ethic crazy but it’s something I love to do. Like, when you love what you do, it don’t feel like you working. So, it feels good!

Young has been representing for a culture that is definitely on the come up with being a voice and face of Asian hip-hop. And while some may look at Young as he once looked at the late Nipsey Hussle as an influence, the Long Beach rapper opened up about the moment he found out about the passing of Neighborhood Nip and how he first met the rapper through a Face Time call. Young says,”My management, here, put me on Face Time with him, and that was it. I was just trying to introduce myself.” The “Mando” rapper continues telling the Teddy Mora and Cece, “Like, “What’s up bro, I’m $tupid Young and he was like, ‘I know who you is, cuhz, Neighborhoo!’

Young goes on to talk about what everyone can expect to see at The Liftoff and whether or not his Henny Lady will make an appearance on the New Music stage and how his parents feel about his success in the rap game, and his favorite L.A. burger spots.

Watch the full $tupid Young interview below and cop your LAST minute tickets to The Liftoff concert HERE.




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