Young Thug Wants To Cancel “Clout-Chasing”

Young Thug Wants To Cancel “Clout-Chasing”

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Young Thug is not new to sharing how he feels about things with his fans. This time, Thugger took to his Instagram story to discuss the term “clout-chasing” in a series of clips. The 27-year-old asked audiences to stop using the term clout-chasing, expressing how much he dislikes it.


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#youngthug ends the term “clout chasing”

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In the clip, Thugger talks about how people are misusing the term “clout-chasing” and how those accused of ‘clout-chasing’ are actually just inspired by someone. He explains referring to them as a clout-chaser is a form of bullying.

“N***a, stop saying a n***a clout chasing, that’s some bullying shit. You really bullying a n***a.” says Thugger. “Some n***as don’t even be clout chasing. Some n***as be inspired by shit they see.”

Thugger distinguishes clout-chasing from being inspired by someone. He talks about the people standing behind rappers and how they are there to get inspired and look up to the artist, not to clout chase.

“All that ‘Aw, n***as wanna stand behind rappers,’ says Thugger. “This n***a might look up to me, this n***a might be inspired by me. The way I got-damn carry myself, n***a. This n***a wanna get some money, carry himself the same way.”

It is unknown why Thugger decided to open up about the phrase but he is clearly unhappy with it and wants it to die a miserable death.

Co-written by Shay Almawlani.

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