Ariana Grande Sued Over Pictures Of Herself!

Ariana Grande Sued Over Pictures Of Herself!

Photo credit: Getty / Bennett Raglin

Looks like Ariana Grande is getting sued literally over herself!

Ari recently posted a picture on herself on IG, but failed to get permission to use it from the professional photographer, Robert Barbera, who took it. The photographer is now suing the singer claiming copyright infringement. He is even stating that she didn’t get a license to use the pictures! 

The Instagram post in question has since been deleted, but was revealed in court. Barbera wants $25k for each violation of copyright infringement, attorney fees and costs, falsifying copyright management, and LORD knows what else!

Interestingly enough, Ariana had just passed a strict policy for her concerts, so that photographers could not use photos of her without her permission. Too bad this wasn’t at one of your shows, girl!

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