Shrooms Decriminalized In Denver

Shrooms Decriminalized In Denver

LONDON - JULY 18: Magic Mushrooms sit in a fridge on July 18, 2005 in London, England. The sale of fresh mushrooms has been prohibited as of today due to the reclassification of the drug to Class A. (Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

Photo credit: Daniel Berehulak l Getty Images

The city of Denver announced to make “magic mushroom” legal, based on the final results that came in on a ballot on Wednesday.

About 50.56% of the voters were in favor of the measure while 49.44% were against it.

The initiative would end the criminal penalties for the people who would consume or have possession of psilocybin. The hallucinogenic drug will still be illegal in state and federal law. In order to not pick up criminal charges, one must be over 21 years old.

Some of the medical benefits that the drug offers include: relief of depression and symptoms of anxiety.

Those against it are worried that the image of the city of Denver maybe looked at as a safe place to do drugs since Colorado was one of the first states to make marijuana legal.

Damn, y’all down for the same thing in LA?

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