Nipsey Hussle Created An Investment Group To Transform Black Communities

Nipsey Hussle Created An Investment Group To Transform Black Communities

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 22: Nipsey Hussle greets kids at the Nipsey Hussle x PUMA Hoops Basketball Court Refurbishment Reveal Event on October 22, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for PUMA)

Photo Credit: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for PUMA

Nipsey Hussle was the definition of “move in silence”.

Typically after a person passes, immediately after their death people come out of the wood work to show love and then after things quiet down a few weeks later they disappear again. With the late Nipsey Hussle, those close to him and city of Los Angeles is doing so much more than just keeping his memory alive. They’re continuing his legacy. Close friend’s of the South L.A. rapper like YG and The Game have been constantly talking about his lowkey good deeds on and off social media, many of these things people never knew he did. The Game has been using the hashtag #OneNipPostADayUntilIFadeAway, posting pics of Nipsey since his funeral.

Today the L.A. times wrote an in-depth article on Nip’s community activism in his neighborhood of Hyde Park titled, “Nipsey Hussle had a plan to beat gentrification — in South L.A. and across the U.S.”; praising the rapper for never abandoning his community “even after a Grammy nomination.”

The times talked about Our Opportunity, an investment group that Nipsey was a part of, that planned use a tax incentive written in a recent federal law, to bring revenue to his neighborhood, as well as 11 other low-income communities as well as Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.

The group was working on adding eighty apartment units to the strip near his Marathon Clothing store. His partner, David Gross now plans to fulfill what Nipsey started. Gross grew up in South L.A. and says Our Opportunity’s mission is, to partner with the hometown heroes of large, majority black cities to acquire and develop transformative projects. “Basically, it was the economic version of Black Lives Matter. [That] is what we were trying to create,” he explained.

The tax incentive that Gross and Hussle were going to use to their advantage was being promoted by Republican Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina Scott. It was also included in Trump’s 2017 overhaul of the federal tax code. The incentive offers potentially large tax breaks to investors who are willing to help with the necessary and needed funds, to rebuilding low income or up-and-coming communities that are referred to as “opportunity zones.” Our Opportunity will be formally unveiled later this month.


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