Chris Brown Involved In Some Bad Juju

Chris Brown Involved In Some Bad Juju

Photo credit: Getty / Craig Barritt

Chris Brown may be in trouble with some bad juju! Yikes.

Apparently, a woman traveled across country just to get to the rapper and tell him to remove a curse she believed Brown casted on her son. Cops responded to a call on Saturday night after a woman and her son were seen wandering around Chris’ property. This lady even had the audacity to throw a bible over his wall!

Law enforcement stated that the woman said she and her son flew from Texas “in hopes that Chris Brown would lift some voodoo.” According to TMZ, “she felt the presence of a bible on his lawn would help remove the curse.”

If it wasn’t obvious enough, the cops think she has mental health issues and was taken in for evaluation while her son was taken into protective custody.

Breezy was not even home to witness any of the madness.