Rotimi On ‘Power’, Getting Advice From Jay-Z, “Love Riddim” Single + How Nipsey Hussle Funeral Affected Him

Rotimi On ‘Power’, Getting Advice From Jay-Z, “Love Riddim” Single + How Nipsey Hussle Funeral Affected Him

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Feeling the international energy surrounding his newest “Love Riddim” track, Rotimi stopped through the morning show to discuss up coming project, his starring role in the Starz series ‘Power,’ the advice he received from Jay Z, as well as sharing how the passing of Nipsey Hussle affected him.

The ‘Power’ actor is building his music career with his newest carribban-themed single and while Rotimi is currently focused on new music at the moment, he still can’t escape some of the love/hate he gets for his villain character, Dre. Rotimi shares that his inspiration behind his ‘Power’ character borrows from a lot of Hollywood veterans like Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Deep and many more. Speaking on what he would like his career legacy to be, Rotimi tells the morning show:

I want to be the new Harry Belafonte. I want “Love Rhodium to kind of be like my “Day O”, you know what I mean? That big of a record where it could just be played forever and ever and ever. I fell like that’s the goal. But acting wise, I just want to challenge myself and do all type of stuff. I have a new movie coming out too called ‘Singleholic’ that I’m executive producing in it. It’s my first one!

While he reflects on his experience attending high school with SZA and looking back on their moments together, Rotimi also reveals the advice he received from Jay Z as a teenager trying to make it early on in the music game. “He was just like, ‘Yo your voice is powerful. If you stay focused, if you don’t allow bullsh*t to come into your life, man, you going to do something.” Continues sharing his reconnection with the rapper saying, “I hadn’t seen him until last year at the Roc Nation Brunch. And he was just like, ‘Yo, I’ve been watching what you’ve been doing and the fact that you stuck to your guns and you still did it man, I’m so proud of you.’ So, that was a moment for me!”

Peep Rotimi serenade Cece with a live in-studio a cappella and also watch as he shares how he got into acting, being newly signed to Empire label, and shares the emotions he felt when he attended Nipsey Hussle’s funeral.

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