Rarri True On “Thotiana” Originating In Chicago, Blac Chyna & New Album ‘Strictly Business’ [WATCH]

Rarri True On “Thotiana” Originating In Chicago, Blac Chyna & New Album ‘Strictly Business’ [WATCH]

Photo Credit: Power 106

Rarri True grew up on the Southside of Chicago, describing himself as “very intelligent, intellectual, street, educated, healthy, swag, ladies, demeanor, you know,” with a smile. Named after an actual Ferrari and the luxury it comes with, the “Boss Shit” rapper traded his hoop dreams for the microphone. It was his run-ins with the law that not only took a dent on his basketball career, but forced him to get his shit together. Soon, rap was the solution to make it out the streets.

Now, he stops by Power 106 for an exclusive interview for our Now You Know series, discussing everything from DMs to Blac Chyna to making it out the streets and getting to the bag. For those who wonder where the word “thotiana” originated from, the answer is: Chicago. [2:25] He explains:

“We all got thots. Everybody got thots. You know what a thot is, it’s a situation! [laughs] She out on the block. She hot, she kickin’ it. She mixing, she everywhere. Always in something, always got something going on. She ain’t no thot if she ain’t been on the block.”

If you recognized Rarri’s name before, you may have seen him as the ex- who Blac Chyna cheated on Rob Kardashian with. In actuality, Rarri was just chillin’.

“I’ma be honest with you, it’s a million ladies hitting me up. That right there is regular, it’s not even something you want to discuss. It’s so regular. You know how many girls hit me up a day? I get like 300 DMs a day from women.”

Rarri proceeds to show us his DMs in real-time, proving he really does get a million messages from women on the daily. He continues, “She got lucky. Everybody get lucky. You gotta scroll, stop!” 

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