ScHoolboy Q Talks New Album ‘CrasH Talk’, His Creative Process, And More [WATCH]

ScHoolboy Q Talks New Album ‘CrasH Talk’, His Creative Process, And More [WATCH]

Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk sat down with TDE’s ScHoolBoy Q and discussed all things Q. Everything from being a dad, how he dealt with depression, and what his recording process is like.

“My process is my process.”

The Los Angeles native jokes that he always starts out with one “trash” album, that he uses to get him out of the “pocket” of his last album. He revealed that he always thinks the first cut of the album is “the one,” but if he wakes up the next morning and he doesn’t feel the need to hear a track again, he knows its time to scratch it and go back in. Q adds that the problem is “It always sounds like the last album I just made.”

After he works through this step of the process, he is able to focus and find a new direction and voice going into the final version of the album. Once he finds that “new pocket,” he’s confident that  all of his projects will carry their own unique sound. Fans can rest assured that although CrasH Talk won’t sound like Oxy or Blank Face, this album will still be him–just the next chapter of his life.

CrasH Talk is about being fun and aggressive and giving fans content.

The “Collard Greens” rapper also got personal with the Leakers. He shared things along the lines of Kendrick Lamar being one of his most honest critics, and how picking up golf last year helped him out of the depression he experienced when writing Blank Face.

He even spilled that he felt no one in LA (other than Snoop) had done anything like the late Nipsey Hussle.

“Nipsey was so cold. When I dropped Oxymoron, he was the first person I seen. He was the first person to tell me congratulations on my album before anyone else… Look what he did for his community, nobody did it like him”

Groovy Q closes with advice to fans and people working on their craft, stating the importance of being yourself and having patience on your own journey.

Watch the full interview with the L.A. Leakers below and stay tuned for the album dropping this Friday, April 26th.


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