YG Calls Out Snitches in New Song, “Stop Snitchin” [LISTEN]

YG Calls Out Snitches in New Song, “Stop Snitchin” [LISTEN]

YG drops the first single from his upcoming album, “Stop Snitchin.”

YG first gave fans a taste of his new album with his track “Stop Snitchin” during his Coachella set this year. The Compton rapper performed the single in front of Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s and Skinnyfromthe9‘s mug shot and a few other rappers, letting the audience know he does not mess with snitches.

YG also broke the news to fans that he was postponing the release date of his new album, 4REAL 4REAL, to May 3rd instead April 12th due to the death of his dear friend, and legend Nipsey Hussle, which he dedicated a part of his Coachella performance to.

“So, I had an album coming out April 12, it was supposed to come out on Friday but I got some f**ked up news that my n***a had passed on me and sh*t. So it’s like, I ain’t even know how to motherf**kin’ walk and talk. I couldn’t get out the bed. I was in the bed every day until 4 p.m. My life was f**ked up, my sh*t’s still f**ked up. The only reason I’m up here is because I’ve been drinking a whole lot of motherf**kin’ tequila. But my n***a gone, I gotta deal with this sh*t.”

Keep a look out for 4REAL 4REAL on May 3rd, and stream “Stop Snitchin” below!

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