Lil Nas X Talks Inspiration Behind “Old Town Road”, Getting Billy Ray Cyrus On Remix, And Trolling

Lil Nas X Talks Inspiration Behind “Old Town Road”, Getting Billy Ray Cyrus On Remix, And Trolling

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Having beat out Drake in top streaming for his hit single, which is something that Lil Nas X doesn’t like to say himself, the “Old Town Road” rapper is pretty much speechless when it comes to describing the amount of success he has quickly gained.

Coming through to the Power 106 Studios to chop it up with Bryhana about his “Old Town” remix featuring famed-country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, as well as his know internet trolling antics, and even where he sees himself in down the road with his career, Nas X describes how he created and marketed the country-based record. Nas X tells Bryhana, “The song started off like a runaway, loner-cowboy kind of vibe.” The 20-year-old Atlanta native continued saying,” I switched it up though. It became like a success type of song. Like you taking your horse to the Old Town Road and horse standing for not having too much. And, Old Town Road is like the path to success.”

Nas X goes on to continue to explain his process for creating and promoting the track which now has a guest feature from Billy Ray Cyrus.

I definitely did want to add like, a goofy factor because I knew the way that I was going to push the song, like through memes and stuff. So, of course that’s going to catch more ears regardless because it’s not just rap. It’s not just country.

Putting out his energy to the Twitter Gods, before he actually signed to his current record label Columbia, Lil Nas hoped to connect with Cyrus before the song got any recognition and would tell his followers to help get the song in the hands of the veteran country singer. Finally meting Cyrus was a dream come true for the artist as he reveals Cyrus had only good things to say.

Lil Nas X goes on to reveal that the infamous Beyhive came for him for his trolling ways online and he also talks about his possible collabs he would like to see happen for his forthcoming project.

Watch the full Lil Nas X and Bryhana interview below!

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