Lil Dicky On Leonardo DiCaprio Inspiration For “Earth” Song & Visual + New T.V. Show In The Works

Lil Dicky On Leonardo DiCaprio Inspiration For “Earth” Song & Visual + New T.V. Show In The Works

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Lil Dicky stopped by the morning show to discuss his new song and music video “Earth”. The rapper also shared his plans for a new television series he has in the works.

While Dicky is known for his out-of-the-box songs and more importantly detailed video treatments, the Pennsylvania native is back with a powerful political statement for his current single “Earth”. Just in time for the annual Earth Day focus, Dicky dropped his feature film-esque cartoon visual that shows how serious climate control has impacted the planet. Recruiting heavy-hitters in music and film, Dicky worked on this project for almost three years and says that actor Leonardo DiCaprio inspired much of his decision to create something that spoke out and up for this important cause. Speaking to the morning show crew, Dicky explains, “When I was making this song and I didn’t feel like I should be making money off of it. I knew I had to give money to help save the earth, but I had no idea what’s going on in that space. Like, Leonardo DiCaprio he runs a non-profit that’s been doing it for over 20 years I believe.”

Dicky continues, “You know one of the things that really woke me up to what was going on was his documentary ‘Before The Flood’. I saw his documentary and I’m a huge movie fan, he’s like the LeBron James of acting. Remember when he won Best Actor? The guy’s been waiting his whole life to win Best Actor, goes on stage at the Oscars and just starts talking about climate change.”

As “Earth” features a deep list of some of the most popular and in-demand celebs, Dicky shares how he was able to get all the features you hear on the finished product.

I wrote the song and originally it’s like me doing everyone’s part. There’s like a demo that’s just my voice doing everyone’s part. And by the way, I had so many different animals and jokes that I recorded that I decided weren’t good enough. I made like 50 different animal type of jokes and distilled it to whatever number is in the video. And then, you know, you get a white board and you write, okay, zebra, baboon, you do it all in the order, and you start plotting. So it’s like, why Bieber as the baboon? Well, the baboon is the first animal to speak. I wanted to really come off with a bang. So, it’s like who better to start this than Bieber?

Dicky also reveals why he decided to feature Miguel on the track as the squirrel and has a hilarious explanation as to why Miguel is the voice of his “sexuality.”

Why Miguel? I tell him every time I see him, ‘Just so you know, you are the voice of my sexuality. You are like the voice of my sexuality.’ When I hook up with a woman and I’m listening to music, I always go to Miguel first!

Goes on to talk about the trade between LeBron James and whether L.A. made the best decision, his television he has in the works, and how he hopes for everyone to education them more on climate change.

Peep the full interview below!

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